Customer-tailored support

At DVS our clients’ satisfaction comes first.

We are always at your service and ready to collaborate to meet any request. We take care of everything, from project design and development to production and installation of innovative solutions. We’re capable of meeting your highest expectations. Our support doesn’t end with a sale: we provide a very efficient after-sales support service¬†that ensures timely assistance remotely or on-site.

Machine assistance

We offer technical assistance both on-site and remotely. With our technical team, we are committed to quickly resolving any inefficiencies and problems that threaten the customer’s productivity.

Close up of Two hands connecting cables

Software assistance

We offer software assistance both on-site and remotely in the most punctual and effective way. In addition, our engineers and programmers are always working to develop new tools and plug-ins that improve the efficiency of our inspection and measurement machines.

Close-up of Man pointing at a control panel of a visual inspection machine

Administrative assistance

Our customer service includes staff in multiple departments, from sales to expert designers, assistance, and administration, to create a flow of information and timely responses in a short turnaround and ensure maximum customer support.

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