Single-table automatic sorting machine for checking the pieces on both sides. Among its main features include the compact size thanks to the loading system integrated into the machine.

dSort Go is the first entry-level machine in the world of automatic artificial vision systems.

The sector of technical production has always faced problems of conformity and quality control. For years, the only reliable solution for manufacturing companies was to use humans for visual inspection of pieces. 

Today, however, the market offers a valid alternative: Automatic artificial visual inspection systems. What exactly are these systems and why should a company invest in them? 

Operating Principles of Automatic Artificial Visual Inspection Systems

The operating principle of automatic artificial visual inspection systems are the same as human sight. 

One (or more cameras) act as an eye, capturing the image of the piece. Then a microprocessor equipped with dedicated software analyzes the image, just like the human brain does. 

The software, set to the correct control tolerance parameters, carries out multiple types of control (dimensional, surface, profile, breaks and cuts, and more) as well as mathematical calculations (average calculations, derivatives, trigonometric equations, and more). These allow the visual inspection machines allow to identify non-conforming parts with speed, reliability and levels of precision never reached by human beings.

All of these aspects of visual inspection systems offer considerable savings on labor costs.

Who needs visual inspection machines?

Nowadays, there are many production sectors that need these innovative visual inspection systems, including rubber, plastic, pharmaceuticals, food, and precision mechanics. All sectors that must guarantee high quality standards, both in terms of performance and in terms of size, and at the same time require different and specific solutions. 

Doss Visual Solution knows this well.

In over 20 years of experience with manufacturing and engineering for visual inspection machines, with more than a thousand installations all over the world and working side by side with customers, Doss has learned to recognize the conscious and even unconscious needs of the market by proposing ad hoc solutions. 

Like our new dSort Go

See our dSort Go visual inspection machine.

This entry-level Doss Visual Solution machine is specially designed for manufacturers who need an initial investment in automatic artificial vision inspection systems.

dSort Go is a single-table machine that uses high-resolution cameras to check elastomers and rigid materials on both sides. Thanks to the adoption of the transparent glass table, it is possible to carry out an optical inspection of the piece without performing any mechanical overturning. 

Among its features that stand out are the compact size and design, thanks to the integrated power supply system, and its unbeatable ease of use. ThedSort Go’s software has been specially designed to be easy to use with a simple and intuitive user interface. 

dSort Go is available in two configurations: 30mm and 60mm field of view.

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