Small Parts Inspected by Doss

Doss USA’s visual inspection systems assist your team in finding the smallest product defects. Our systems use AI and machine learning to detect defects and shunt them off to the side and out of the production line so your team can look at them more thoroughly.

When defective items are removed from the queue, it benefits your processes in several ways.

Take a look at five reasons why visual inspections of your small parts are crucial to the success of your manufacturing business.

1. Lets You Make Adjustments During Trial Runs

Visual inspections for your small parts are absolutely crucial during trialing. You can make all of the tweaks and adjustments to your trial run to get your defect rate to acceptable levels. If you don’t perform visual inspections until the main production run, you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of a lot of waste materials and defective parts.

2. Detects Very Small Variances That Humans Can’t See

Visual inspection systems, particularly those powered by AI and machine learning, can detect very small defects that human eyes can’t see. When diameters of O-rings and bottle caps are measured in millimeters and products move quickly on the line, you need the precision of computer-aided visual inspections that process information more accurately and efficiently.

3. Lowers Labor Costs

Visual inspections save you on labor costs because humans don’t have to waste time looking at every single part. Rather, your staff only needs to look at the parts the machine rejects in addition to sending random parts (that are passed by the visual inspection machine) to the QA/QC team. 

4. Prevents Failures Once in the Hands of Customers

You do not want a catastrophic failure to happen once your O-rings, stoppers, nuts, bolts, or caps reach your customers. Not only does that ruin your customer retention and customer relationships, but a failure can lead to bad PR. 

For example, you manufacture O-rings for heavy equipment. If the heavy equipment breaks at the wrong time, like when working on a gas line, it could cause a fire or utility disruption.

If the defective part is on an oil rig, an equipment breakdown could cause environmental damage.

5. Allows You to Increase Prices

Visual inspection machines offer a way for you to increase prices by touting your quality control process. When your customers and prospects see that you use a top-of-the-line visual inspection system, they will see the value in what you produce.

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