Doss USA invites you to check. Check your items closely with the best visual inspection systems on the market today. 

Test us! Doss gives you five great reasons to partner with us for some of the best visual inspection systems you can get. 

1) Factory Training on Each Visual Inspection System

Each automatic visual inspection system offers excellent technology along with high complexity. Your team needs precise skills and expertise to use the machine, which we provide through our specific training courses.

We have 100% multilingual, customized training courses produced by our machine operators, technical staff, and quality and production managers and pass their expertise on to you. 

What does this mean for your staff? You can take advantage of your visual inspection machine’s full potential while learning to adapt it to your team’s needs and situations.

2) More than 25 Years of Expertise in the Industry

Doss was founded in 1995 in Italy. Since then, we’ve become a global powerhouse for visual inspection systems. As we’ve grown, so too has our expertise. Our team learns and expands on our knowledge base every day to improve our systems and our visual inspection machines. 

3) Deep Learning for Visual Inspection Machines

Our deep learning tools allow our team to research and develop an increasing number of industrial processes in more and more sectors. The deep learning software we use autonomously classifies data, structures it hierarchically, and then finds the most relevant bits of data for solving problems.

Then our deep learning takes the next step. It improves on its previous performance with continuous learning, in essence improving and learning as it goes. 

Does this learning style sound familiar? It should. You learn like this every day.

4) Top-of-the-Line & Customizable Visual Inspection Systems

Because we constantly improve our visual inspection systems, they remain at the forefront of modern technology. When newer cameras that could integrate with our systems are invented, we test them to see if we can improve the machines.

Our machines are fully customizable with various parts, such as sorting tables, squeezer stations, and cameras to meet your exact specifications. Whether you need one machine or five, we can design and build a visual inspection system for you.

5) Zehn 

Zehn is our best visual inspection machine to date. It offers a single table with a fully automatic lens-changing system to give you multiple frame fields. The automatic lifting system allows for quick cleaning and table replacement. Image quality doesn’t change from the top or bottom of the item being inspected.

We can even install a webcam on this visual inspection machine to assist with remote viewing.

Test Us! We Have the Top Visual Inspection Systems!

Reach out to Doss USA for more information on our world-class visual inspection systems. Contact our American office at (734) 228-5992 today.