Doss USA’s visual inspection systems can find the smallest defects with a combination of high-resolution images and machine learning that improves outcomes with every production run. 

Automatic visual inspection systems remove defects quickly and efficiently to give your team an edge in time spent and cost-effectiveness to deliver high-quality products to retailers and customers.

Find out three ways automatic visual inspection systems help your fashion company.

1. Inspects Many Types of Materials

Visual inspection systems can detect defects in a wide range of materials.

Use high-resolution imagery to inspect components made of:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Crystal
  • Fabric (yes, fabric)

The versatility of visual inspection systems to detect defects along every type of production line for small parts helps your company weed out bad parts efficiently. 

You can utilize these machines for:

  • Buttons
  • Studs
  • Zipper components
  • Hooks
  • Jewelry
  • Belt buckles
  • Button holes
  • Straps
  • Hinges
  • Connectors

2. Improves Production & Development

What happens when you have too many defects? 

Your production team needs to determine the root cause. Looking over the defects gives your team an idea of where to start to correct the problem. Once your team ascertains the difficulty, you can re-run a test batch to see if your team gets percentages of defects down to acceptable levels.

What if your team determines the problem with defects is your supplier? 

You can quickly pivot to another supplier to get higher-quality materials in your facility with less disruption. Further, when a supplier asks about the problem with materials, you can follow up the conversation with hard data from your visual inspection system that shows defects increased even though your machinery worked the same as it always has.

When you have several types of materials in your diversified lines of fashionable products, it’s important to find the best suppliers to maintain quality while keeping costs lower.

3. Reduces Waste

Fashion is becoming more and more automated thanks to advanced software and machines. The overall goal is to drive profitability while lowering labor costs. 

Automatic visual inspection systems identify problems more readily than human eyes can, which reduces waste because you correct problems quicker. Reducing waste lets you save money on raw materials for your products, especially since your company consumes a wide variety of materials across all of your fashionable items. Using fewer raw materials per batch offers a way to reduce the orders you place per year on raw materials while alleviating any possible supply chain issues that may arise.

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