Single table automatic inspection machine of the new machine generation.

Our innovative automatic inspection machine with a single table, first of the new visual inspection system from Doss Visual Solution. Thanks to the special anti-reflect technical glass table, the quality of the images, acquired by the cameras on top and bottom of the table, is at the same standard.

The fully automatic camera lens-changing system allows you to have the advantage of a fixed-frame field and the flexibility of having multiple frame fields. The Zehn’s automatic vision unit lifting system allows for quick cleaning and table replacement. A webcam is also available to assist with remote viewing.

If you’re interested in another visual inspection machine in our line, check out our dSort 0 machine.

Watch our Zehn video here to see why it’s a top-of-the-line machine.


Watch the video

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers, rigid material
Color All, non-transparent
Typical piece O-ring, tech. part
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Size 5 – 80 mm OD
Cross-section/Height 0.8 – 15 mm
0.8 – 30 mm (custom setting)
Resolution Depending on configuration
Optics Automatic revolver system
Camera type Matricial
Max frame field* Automatic selection from:
(A) 30 mm, (B) 60 mm,
(C) 80 mm
Camera resolution up to 5 µm
Cycle time Up to 14 pz/s
Type of feeding Automatic
Type of machine Single glass table
Noise level (for elastomers) < 75 ㏈
Three phase power supply 230 – 480 v
Max installed power 4 Kw
Average consumption 1 Kw
Compressed air consumption 200 NL/Min

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