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Semi-automatic visual inspection machine for mega O-rings and cables.

Our semi-automatic visual inspection machine for mega O-rings and cables. The part is loaded into the machine manually onto the rolling system. With the vision system consisting of five cameras, the innovative machine inspects the surface and provides dimension and surface control of the part.

An inkjet printer can print the part number or the result of inspection according to the setting from the operator.

See how this machine works by watching our short YouTube video here.

If you’re interested in Doss USA’s top-of-the-line visual inspection machine, see our Zehn model.


Watch the video

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers
Color All, non-transparent
Typical piece Mega O-ring, cable
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Size 350 – 5000 mm OD
Cross section/Height 4 – 20 mm
Resolution 0.030 mm/pixel
Zoom No
Camera type Matricial
Max frame field* 30 mm
Camera resolution 1.3 MP
Cycle time 7 m/min
Type of feeding Manual
Type of machine Pulley traction
Noise level (for elastomers) < 60 ㏈
Three phase power supply 230 – 480 v
Max installed power 1.5 Kw
Average consumption 0.9 Kw
Compressed air consumption N/A

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