dSort 3

Automatic sorting machine with double semi-transparent glass tables.

Doss USA‘s automatic sorting machine with double semi-transparent tables. The machine is equipped with two tables and a piece turnover system which allows it to inspect the parts on two sides.

It also consists of a high-performance, innovative feeding system. Pieces are loaded and sorted into different containers depending on the tolerance and parameters that the operator sets. The report of all defects and parts count are available. The configuration of the vision system is flexible: 5 or 12 Megapixel camera, motorized or fixed optics.

See how this machine works by watching our short YouTube video here.

This model works with our optional squeezer station, a machine that shows defects that are otherwise invisible until each o-ring is squeezed mechanically.

If you’re interested in another visual inspection machine with expanded capabilities from larger parts, see our dSort 4s automatic sorting machine.


Watch the video

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers, rigid materials
Color All, non-transparent
Typical piece O-ring, tech. parts
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Size Various range available from 5 – 110 mm OD
Cross section/Height 0.8 – 8 mm
0.8 – 15 mm (customizable)
Resolution Depending on the configuration
Zoom Available
Camera type Matricial
Max frame field* 120 mm
Camera resolution 5 or 12 MP
Cycle time Maximum 10 pz/s
Type of feeding Automatic
Type of machine Double glass table
Noise level (for elastomers) < 75 ㏈
Three phase power supply 230 – 480 v
Max installed power 4 Kw
Average consumption 1.7 Kw
Compressed air consumption 600 NL/Min

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