dSort 0

Automatic sorting machine for dimension and surface visual inspection of micro o-rings.

Our innovative automatic sorting machine for the dimensional and surface control of micro O-rings and micro parts. Parts will travel through the feeding system from the vibrating bowl (for micro parts) and then sorted into plastic containers by a vacuum system after the visual inspection.

An antistatic system is provided to guarantee that pieces will move through the machine correctly. Reports and statistics of all pieces inspected are available for the operator.

If you’re interested in another visual inspection machine with expanded capabilities from this one, see our dSort 1 model.

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers, rigid materials
Color All, non-transparent
Typical piece Micro O-Ring
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Size (A) 0.5 mm ID – 7 mm OD
(B) 0.5 mm ID – 9 mm OD
Cross-section/Height 0.5 – 2 mm
Resolution (A) 0.004 mm/pixel (B) 0.005 mm/pixel
Zoom No
Camera type Matricial
Max frame field* (A) 8 mm (B) 10 mm
Camera resolution 5 MP
Cycle time Up to 5 pz/s
Type of feeding Automatic
Type of machine Single glass table
Noise level (for elastomers) < 75 ㏈
Three phase power supply 230 – 480 v
Max installed power 4 Kw
Average consumption 1.4 Kw
Compressed air consumption 400 NL/Min

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