Doss Lab

The new frontier of research

In our Doss Lab, we carry out different types of tests by simulating the exact conditions in which the DVS system will operate once installed. We offer this service for customers who look at DOSS not only as a serious and competent supplier but, above all, as a strategic partner to develop synergistic solutions that sometimes… do not exist yet!


We provide our customers the know-how of our R&D department, the result of over twenty-five years of experience in the quality control sector.

With the help of a series of equipment in our Doss Lab, we are able to carry out realistic and in-depth feasibility analyses, accompanied by detailed technical reports, that fit your exact requirements.

We are convinced that no one more than the customer can know the qualities and criticalities of their products, which is why we offer a one-to-one consulting service to find the optimal solution to every problem, together.

Man fixing a machine with a wrench and a bolt

Types of tests

  • Design and / or test of automatic loading systems for productivity analysis.
  • Design of dedicated lighting systems.
  • Tests on sets of complete vision stations (superficial, peripheral, radial, laser profilometers, etc.) equipped with entocentric and telecentric optics.
  • Metrological tests for capability analysis of the vision system.

  • Design and / or testing of dedicated optical systems through lighting simulations and 3D printing.
  • Remote machine configuration service and creation of dedicated programs for new customer items.


Doss Visual Solution S.r.l.

Via dell’Industria, 57/A
25030 Erbusco (BS) Italy

  • Standard equipment;
  • Dedicated equipment built according to customer needs.

Doss Visual Solution Usa Corp.

9084 General Drive
Plymouth MI 48170 Usa

  • Standard machine available for testing with the customer’s pieces.

Doss Visual Solution Taiwan LLC

1F., No. 1-1, Gongyequ 33rd Rd.,
Xitun Dist.,
Taichung City 407 Taiwan

  • Standard machine available for testing with the customer’s pieces.

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