We are the pioneers in development of innovative Deep Learning and Multishot technologies. Choose these new systems that combine the flexibility of human visual inspection with the speed of a computerized system, guaranteeing extreme precision in defects detection!

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Product series

Image of a large visual inspection machine from Doss black and white
Inspection machines
Image of a smaller visual sorting machine from Doss
Laboratory machines
The Squeezer - This accessory expands the inspection performance of the machine as it shows the defects, which otherwise invisible, when the piece is squeezed mechanically. This system is suitable for o-rings and other kind of circular pieces as well. Squeezer is available on dSort2 and dSort3.
Man's hand holding a pen going over an architectural drawing with paper and table
Tailor-made machines


We are fully aware that, as in any industrial sector, the needs are diversified and the standard solutions are not always able to respond to such a complex market.

For this reason, in our Doss Lab at Erbusco headquarters in Italy, we carry out feasibility analysis in order to design custom solutions from scratch for all customers who are looking not only for a serious and competent supplier, but above all, a strategic partner. Nothing is impossible for Doss!

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Why Choose DOSS?

Our know how allows us to build a machinary even from zero according to your needs.
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the new frontier of research

In our Doss Lab in Italy we carry out different types of tests by simulating the exact conditions in which your DVS system will operate once installed. A service for customers who look at DOSS not only as a serious and competent supplier but, above all, as a strategic partner to develop synergistic solutions that sometimes… do not exist yet!

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Industrial applications

Stacks of o-rings on a flat surface for inspection

Quality check of O-rings, gaskets and other parts according to ISO standards

A bunch of o-rings and rubber parts laid out on a table for visual inspection

Quality control of gaskets for home appliances, including water and gas applications

Nebulizer kit with o-rings on a table for visual inspection

Quality check of caps, plungers, aluminum caps, vials, caps and needle guards made of plastic or rubber materials

Metal Nuts in a close-up view
Precision mechanics

Quality control of small metal articles, such as screws and bushings

Close-up of metal snaps for pants for visual inspection

Surface and dimensional control of decorative elements such as buttons, buckles, studs and rivets


We offer continuous training and updating courses for machine operators and technicians, quality and production managers who are taking their first steps into the automatic inspection world, and those who are already familiar with this technology and want to deepen the technical aspects to take full advantage of all of its functions and keep up with new products and machines. All of this training ensures the best performance of your machinery and, consequently, saves on your labor costs while reducing downtime.

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